I was born in Cleveland Ohio on October 6, 1955. I was to grow up in a decade of extraordinary change. Assassinations, nuclear armageddon, the Beatles, lava lamps, aluminum Christmas trees and the man on the moon come to mind. Sprawling suburbs and super highways being just a dream.
I can remember watching one of these super highways being built in front of our house, and the thrill of riding my bike up and down it before it was open to the unending flow of traffic. For an eleven year old boy having empty off ramps to himself was a dream come true. Eventually I would find myself riding on the same highway with thousands of other cars in bumper to bumper traffic on my way to school. The Cooper School of Art was located about a mile from the main downtown area of Cleveland, and a different Cleveland it was. The city was a broken remnant of its golden era forgotten by a large industrialized population now living in the suburban sprawl. It was in this environment that I would learn to paint.
It's funny. I have watched the internet super highway being built as I had watched the highways of old getting started. And just as I traveled on them to learn to paint–I travel on this highway to share what I have learned.

Le Loup / by Gary Alan Lahner
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...A seller of sails read from a book while he waited for a child or adventurous tourist to rent one of the colorful boats displayed on his rickety cart. Jamie and the suited man caught his attention. He hoped the couple might be enfents de coeur, and would want one of the petite bateaus to set adrift in the circular fountain of his beloved Tuileries–the garden deriving its name from the tile factories of long ago. He sighed as they past surprised they would give up the chance for he recognized they were touched by something magical. Ah maybe they haven't caught up with themselves, he thought. No matter the children will come. It is a sunny day...

Price: FREE. Approx. 53,640 words. Language: English. Published on September 2, 2013. Category: Science Fiction.
Romance, Sci-fi. Lucas and Eric find more than each other on vacation in Paris, when a chance encounter with an unusual creature on the banks of the Seine river, lead them into a delightful adventure with new found friends–some of which are not of this world.